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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this your full-time job?

No, I have a day job. Being a handyman is just a hobby of mine. I have 3 children, so the fact that it brings in some extra income is a plus! I'm available many evenings and weekends to work on your project.

What is the best way to contact you?

Since I have a day job, it is often better to contact me by text at 248-752-2056 or email at hwhandymansolutions@gmail.com.

Do you charge by the hour or by the job?

By the job. When I quote your handyman job, I will provide you with a quote that includes everything (except for materials that you should be picking out on your own like faucets or light fixtures).

Do you require payment up front?

No. Payment is not required until the job is complete and you are satisfied. However, if the job requires me to buy expensive materials, I may request that you pay in advance for them.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I prefer to be paid with cash or check, but PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, or credit cards are also accepted. There's a 3% fee for credit cards.

Do you charge a service call fee?

No. Because I keep my service area fairly small, I don't believe in charging a service call fee just so I'll show up in your driveway to do a job. I also don't require a minimum number of hours for a job since I don't charge by the hour.

Which method is better; hourly-rate or flat-rate?

I charge a flat-rate fee for all my jobs. What does that mean and how does it compare to handymen that charge hourly rates?

First, what do I mean by flat rate? It means that when I quote a job, that's what I'll charge when I'm done with the job. In other words, I'll provide you a quote at the beginning based on how long I expect the job to take. I then multiply that time by my target hourly rate and add in any materials that I'll need. Materials are extra, of course. When I'm done with the job, that's the amount you pay. If the job takes a little bit longer, I still charge the same price. This means the risk is on me; not you. You're still going to get a quality job but I just don't reach my target rate for that job. The upside for me is if I can complete the job quicker than I thought, I achieve a higher rate. There's no downside for you because you felt the original price quoted was fair.

You may have received other quotes that contained an hourly rate charge. This is often times called "Time and Materials". You pay for the exact amount of time that it took for the job to be completed. You also pay separately for the materials, usually with a substantial markup. Often times the handyman will give you an estimate of how long the job will take, but that's not a guarantee. If the handyman completes the job quickly, it's good for you. However, if the job takes longer or requires more materials than expected, you take the hit. In this case the risk is on you and not on the handyman. There is a potential upside for you if they complete the job quickly, but there's no downside for the handyman since he's getting paid the same no matter how the job goes.

If you decide to use a handyman with an Time & Materials system, try and get them to agree in writing to a "not to exceed" amount. This way, you are somewhat protected from an unexpected bill.

Better yet, contact me for a flat rate quote so you'll know EXACTLY what you're going to pay!

What if you run into problems during a job?

There's always a chance of running into an unforeseen circumstance when doing work around a house. If the problem is small and just requires a little more time or a few more materials, I'll usually absorb that into the flat-rate estimate that I provided to you. However, if the job turns out to be substantially worse than expected, I will let you know what your options are to finish the job so you can make an informed decision.

Can I pay you by the hour instead?

Yes. If you feel more comfortable paying by the hour, I can bill you that way. 

What type of jobs do you handle?

I prefer to handle smaller jobs that other contractors or handymen avoid. If a job takes more than a few hours to complete, it's probably not something I'll tackle. Check out my Services Offered page for examples.

Why don't you tackle larger jobs?

There are a couple reasons. First, because I'm working evenings and weekends, I don't want a job to stretch over several days and cause an inconvenience to you. Second, many larger jobs require permits or dumpsters. The professionals are better equipped to handle those jobs (even if they are more expensive). If I determine that your job is too large, I'll let you know and even offer suggestions for possible contractors to handle it if you'd like. Lastly, larger jobs often times require specialized equipment that I don't have (or want to invest in). Again, the professionals are better equipped to handle these jobs. Click here for a list of contractors that I'd recommend for jobs that are bigger than I want to take on.

Are you licensed?

No. There is no specific licensing for Handymen. I would need to be licensed in all the contracting disciplines (i.e. general contracting, plumbing, electrical, etc).

Are you insured?

Yes. I carry a $1 million general liability policy that covers damage or injury while working on your house. A copy of my proof of insurance can be found here.

Do you belong to any organizations?

Yes. I believe in giving back to the community so my focus has been on community service organizations.  We've also raised my children to be concerned about their community.

  • I am the former Scoutmaster for the Huntington Woods Cub Scout Pack 1292 and Boy Scout Troop 1292. My son achieved Eagle Scout so I have wrapped up my time helping out the Troop.
  • I am the former President of the Berkley Instrument Boosters helping to support the Berkley School District band programs.
  • I have been a member of the Huntington Woods Men's Club (HWMC) since 2003. The club is a community service focused organization of about 150 men from the community. In the past, I have been on the board plus I've been chairman of every fundraising event at least once.
  • I am a former co-chair of the Hands4RO event through our church that aims to help Royal Oak residents (generally seniors) get work done on their house by volunteers.
  • I am a volunteer with the Huntington Woods Home Assistance Repair Program (HARP). See the FAQ below for details.
  • I am also a lifetime member of the Association of Certified Handyman Professions (ACHP). See the FAQ below for details.

What is HARP?

The Home Assistance Repair Program is a program being offered by the City of Huntington Woods. The program is for residents who are seniors, physically challenged, or have family members serving in the Armed Services. It provides free volunteer labor to the homeowner to help maintain their home and remain independent for a longer period of time. They only pay for materials. I am proud to be part of this program since it's launch. If you would like to request assistance, stop by the Gillham Recreation Center or go to the City's website and search for HARP.

What is ACHP?

In most states, handymen are an unregulated industry. Most other trades (like electricians & plumbers) require licensing and certifications. I felt it was important to join an organization that, while it doesn't provide official licensing, believes in improving the handyman industry. 

The Association of Certified Handyman Professionals (ACHP) is currently only one of two organizations that are dedicated to handymen (and women). The other is the United Handyman Association (UHA). The ACHP is a non-profit 501(c)(6) organization that is dedicated to improving the handyman industry. They preach professionalism, honesty, and courteous service along with a mindset of continuous learning. They require a certification test before you can become a member that isn't just about the mechanics of the trade, but also about treating the customer right. In addition, they provide resources such as training and discussion boards with other handymen around the country.