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You don’t always have to hire a plumber when you need plumbing repairs in your home. I can solve many of your homes plumbing problems including repairs and replacement of fixtures. I can do the job right and chances are I can save you a great deal of money.

Let me know what your needs are and if I can’t help I can probably refer you to an honest plumber that you can trust. I'm dedicated to solving your home problems whether I do the work or not.


Having an outdated faucet or even a faucet that functions poorly can be a real pain. Not to mention it can also cost you a lot of money. You don’t always have to replace that leaky faucet though. Sometimes it’s just a matter of replacing the cartridge, valve or the seat & spring. It’s completely normal for faucet parts to become worn out over time.

If you do decide to replace your faucet, most homeowners like to pick out and purchase their faucets on their own and have me install them. However, if you need help deciding what kind of faucet to choose, let me know and I can assist you.


You may be experiencing problems with your toilet that can either be solved by replacing a few parts or replacing the entire toilet. Common toilet problems include rocking, constantly running water, valve problems, leaking, and so on. The question often becomes whether it makes sense to replace parts in a toilet or replace the whole toilet itself. I can help you decide which is best for your situation.

Replacing inefficient and outdated toilets in your home is a great way to save water and money. Some of today’s toilets offer high power flushing while still maintaining low water usage per flush.

Plumbing Leaks

If you notice the pipes under your sink leaking or corrosion around the joints, it's time to get your plumbing repaired. Sometimes the fix is as simple as tightening the joints or it may involve replacing some parts. Either way, with my flat rate quote, you'll know how much it will cost in advance.

Garbage Disposals

Is your garbage disposal just jammed or does it need to be replaced? Often a jammed disposal will make a humming noise when switched on. If it's jammed, I can unjam it. If it needs to be replaced, I can take care of that too. Either way, I’ll get you up and running with a working garbage disposal again in no time.
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