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How do my prices compare?

What does a contractor or other professional do when they think your project is too small for them? They provide a quote that is outrageously high. That way if you accept the quote, they feel it's worth their time and they can still make money. As a handyman, I don't have their overhead and I specialize in those small projects so my costs can be substantially lower.

Pricing & Quotes

Before I start your job, you will receive a flat rate quote. This means that I will quote the complete job, including parts & materials, with no hourly rate that can balloon into large sums of money. You will know up front what the job is going to cost. There are cases where I recommend that homeowners buy parts or materials in advance. Of course, you should buy things like light fixtures, faucets, toilets, or blinds based on your tastes; not mine. But the rest of the job will all be included in the flat rate price.

If you prefer that I pick up materials for you that aren't included in the flat rate cost, you will only be billed for the cost + 20%. 

You will not be charged a trip fee or service call fee just to have me pull into your driveway. Also, I don't require a minimum number of labor hours. Remember, "no project is too small."

Payment Terms & Warranty

Payment is due at the completion of the job. I prefer to be paid with cash, check or Venmo, but PayPal, Apple Pay, or credit cards are also accepted. There's a 3% fee for credit cards.

All my work carries a 1-year labor warranty.

Senior citizens (age 60+) receive a discount on labor.