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Install Rain Barrels

It seems like everyone lately wants to get a rain barrel. And why not? It can save on your water bill by allowing you to use free water from Mother Nature to water your plants. The rain water also doesn't contain chemicals like tap water.

Many communities are now offering seminars on rain barrels to help you get started. Maybe you attended an event and bought a rain barrel. Now you want to tap into your downspouts but don't know how. I'm here to help. I can modify your downspouts to allow rain water to fill the barrel.

If you don't have a rain barrel yet, I can help you pick one out and even assemble it. I personally recommend Michigan Rain Barrels (www.mirainbarrel.com) because they are a local company repurposing food grade barrels that can no longer be used. But if you have a different version, I can still help.
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